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"the AC COBRA ... a way of living"
I am always looking for COBRA stuff, like pictures, stories, clubs, etc.. If you have any of that, please send an email to: Luuk de Boer luukb@xs4all.nl Thanks.

This is a list of Cobra owners or who are interested in the Cobra. If you would like to stand on the list, email me with your emailadress and the Cobra details.


Andrew Howarth,(Father of)
Car: replica Cobra 427
Engine/drivetrain: It has a Rover V8 engine 3.5 litre. Standard Rover Gear box with 4 SU Carbs, high lift Cam shaft and race compression 10.4. He has built it over three years and finished in Pacific Blue with Revolution 15" Wheels.

Dick Osgood, Los Altos, Calif.
Car: 427SC Contemporary
Engine/drivetrain: 427 side oiler, medium riser,830 Holley, 4 speed top loader, pin drives, as authentic as possible in all ways, guardsman blue white stripes , hard top.

Stan Mitchell, Nashville, Tennessee
Car: Unique Motorcars 427SC
Engine/drivetrain: planning to put a 351W with Dart heads,Holley 750,top-loader 4 speed. Color will be Indigo Blue w/ white stripes.

craig elliott, johannesburg , south africa.
Car: cobra replica , shamrock marine
Engine/drivetrain: 302 cu in ford street boss conversion ie cleveland cylinder heads fitted to windsor block,exhaust ports modified, heads gas flowed,boss forged pistons,boss crankshaft, hydraulic lifters,650cfm double pumper holley carb, electronic ignition,engine dynamically balanced, lightened steel flywheel, 11" clutch. power output : 271kw / 370hp at 5800 rpm gearbox: ford 4 speed top loader final drive: jaguar 3,07-1 , power lock (l/s)differential wheels:halibrand replicas exhaust system: fabricated tubular manifolds with 304 stainless steel silencers finish: silver.

Michael West,
Car: 1962 SHELBY COBRA CSX2011
Engine/drivetrain: In early 1962 one of the first AC's ordered by Shelby rolled off the ship. The car was race prepaired for Nassau '62. Later it was refit / reworked many times. The spoke wheels and stock suspension were replaced with Kidney Bean Mags and a Race suspension. A 289HP replaced the origional 260 and the car became part of the legend. There is substantial origional history, and lots to be found, but suffice to say, this is one of the origional prototype cars and first team race cars. It was used as a test bed for the team cars. My Father began racing the car in the mid 60's, and it has been in the family ever since. So, here goes. The car is for sale. It has never been restored and by popular vote, should not be. But, if some one wanted a competition car to restore, this is it. 1962 SHELBY COBRA CSX2011, Race Car Since Birth, Origional Factory Team/Prototype car, 289HP, Raced Nassau '62&'63, Not Restored, Origional Race Condition, 2 Sets of Kidney Bean Wheels, Hard Top, short track and rally gas tanks, See The SHELBY AMERICAN publication #53 (published by SAAC) front cover and page24, $300,000, contact the WEST Family at mw1995@airmail.net

Nick Meredith, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Engine/drivetrain: Black on black AC COBRA 427 built 1994 by professional engineer. 5.0 litre HO Ford Mustang engine with fuel injection, 5 speed Ford T5 gearbox, Centreline 500 polished aluminium wheels and chrome sidepipes. Full 4 speaker CD/AM/FM player with detachable front and electric aerial. Full soft top and tonneau cover.(Would consider selling)

Gary Clapham, Melbourne Australia.
Car: arntz type kit but manifactured in Australia
Engine/drivetrain: I'm using a MG GTV8 front end, 302 EFI Ford windsor, Toyota Supra 5 speed gearbox to a jag diff. As you probably know it's been a slow job but I hope to have it finished at xmas 96. I started it in December 1994.

perry henry,senoia georgia
Car: home made
Engine/drivetrain: 4 in tube frame, i designed, with help, the front supension, pro-shocks, sweet rack and pinon steering, coleman spindles with custom brakes 14 inch, 4 mini gn calipers up front, knock off wheels,halabrand, coleman upper and lower control arms, ford f 150 strut arms,engine 427 h\r 2x4 intake,650 holleys,fpp roller rockers,ss valves,lamans rods,steel crank,aluminum flywheel,water pump,oil pan,intake,radiator,heads have been ported and polished,rear is jag 3.50 with custom design stress bars,ss gas tank 22 gal,quick release steering wheel,custom design pre-oiler with low pressure on switch webber hyd throw out bearing,ss battery box from b727,fire extinguisher from dc9,as i work for an airline these items were purchase from the salvage yard,hedders and sidepipes were custom built and coated with htp,engine bay is covered with 6061 t-3,msd ignition system,top loader 4-speed,all thats left now is paint and interior,

Jim Engel, Bedford TX
Car: Midstates Replica
Engine/drivetrain: a stock bore 72 351-C 4BBL heads, 750 Holley, modified cam that puts out 380HP. Its mated to a Doug Nash 5 speed and a Versailles 9". The color is GM Polo green with metallic gold stripes.

Jack Beaudry, Rowlett, TX USA
Car: E&M
Engine/drivetrain: 351 Windsor, Aluminum RPM Edelbrock heads and intake. 4" round tube frame, Heidts tubular upper and lower control arms with carerra coil overs. Rear is a late mode mustang live axle 8.8". Aubern Positraction with 3.73:1 rear gears.

Mervyn Short, Boksburg South Africa
Car: Cobra Replica, Kit Car Centre
Engine/drivetrain: 351 Windsor Ford, 296 Deg. Hydrolic SVO camshaft TRW Forged Flat top pistons, Inlet Manifold is Edelbroch Torquer II with a 750 double pumper Holley on top, heads are ported and polished with roller rockers Gear box is 202 Cosworth 5 speed manual, Suspention is Jaguar XJ6 Sieries II Independent Wheels are presed steel 10" rear and 8" Front with 295X70X15 rear and 265X50X15 front B F Goodrich tyres, Wheel inserts are Halibrad fibre glass replica with aluminium nockon's. Body Colour: Blue with white stripes, Interior is black leather

Dave and Jim Bouzaglou,
Car: CSX 3016
Engine/drivetrain: Restored by Mike Mc Cluskey and Dave Dralle. Blue with white stripes and number circles. Competed in HMSA historic events in '96 including Sears Point and Laguna Seca. For SALE! Cobra CSX 3016 was class winner at Sebring 1966, with Bob Grossman driving. Watkins Glen record holder. Medium riser FE 427 side oiler.

Thomas Latuske, Muelheim-Ruhr, NRW, Germany
Car: Viper Cobra ; Cadmium Yellow
Engine/drivetrain: Rover 3.5L with Edelbrock inlet Manifold, Holley Carb, Big Valve Heads, Kent Camshaft, 5-speed, Rhoades Lifters, Mallory Dual Point Ignition, 3-Part Revolution wheels, Semi Space-Frame, Ford axles, Interior is black Leather, instruments: 7 SW, (nearby) original Sidepipes (Chrome).

Norm Good, Manalapan New Jersey
Car: Midstates 1966 Cobra Replica 427
Engine/drivetrain: Chevy Powered with Muncie 4-speed and McLeod hydraulic throw-out bearing. Custom tubular upper and lower control arms with coil over shocks 9inch Ford rear with adjustable 4 link and coil over shocks. Not painted as of 6/96 but driven almost 3 days a week.

Gregor Gleichfeld, Berlin/Germany
Car: 427 Cobra (JAC)
Engine/drivetrain: fun,fun,fun dark blue the notorious B.I.G.

David Norman, Fleet, England
Car: Hawk Replica AC ACE
Engine/drivetrain: 2.5 straight six Triumph engine, with twin SU Carbs, four speed Triumph gearbox with overdrive on 3rd and 4th. I would like to here from anyone to discuss cars

Bill Confrey,
Car: 1988 NAF 427 Cobra
Engine/drivetrain: a 289 Blueprinted, J-302 heads, original LeMans cam, 5-speed, 9 inch rear with 3.70's. She is about 350-400 horses.

Walter O'Neill, Baltimore, Maryland
Engine/drivetrain: ordered 20 june 1965, delivered to dealer 25 sept 1965, ownership 1 oct 1965. originally listed in shelby registration as british racing green, erroneously painted american racing blue. Original holman & moody daytona grand national 427, now tunnel port with original ford medium rise 2-4 bbl, lakewood blowproof, all original parts in storage, Not for sale at ANY price

Tony & Kari Esplin, Australia
Car: Robnell Cobra 1996
Engine/drivetrain: 429 with Motec Fuel Injection System, sequential firing, traction control, TRW flat top pistons. 10:1 compression ratio, match ported heads, tremec 5 speed, Ford 9" diff. Jag suspension. An absolute concours replica with a dynoed 460 bhp. Colour: Dark Metalic Green with pearl racing stripes, Biscuit/Tan Interior.

Norbert Doerre Oberhausen, Germany
Car: PHOENIX cobra
Engine/drivetrain: I'm owner of a PHOENIX cobra with an LT1 engine and original chevy automatic transmission and sidepipes. All new parts.

George Veasy Salt Lake City, Utah
Car: LAE # 171
Engine/drivetrain: blue white stripes, 289 (.030 over), Crane RV CAM, Aluminum Edelbrock Heads, forged pistons, molly rings, FORD 9" Lincoln Versailles rear end, 3.5:1 geaers, leather interior, top loader transmission, 4 wheel big boost brakes, Holley 600 CFM, Edelbrock manifold, jet hot side pipes, Good Year Eagle raise white tires, four point restraint harness, accessory oil cooler.

Eric JohnsonLos Angeles, California
Car: LAE # 170
Engine/drivetrain: blue white stripes, 289 (.030 over), Crane RV CAM, Aluminum Edelbrock Heads, forged pistons, molly rings, FORD 9" Lincoln Versailles rear end, 3.5:1 geaers, leather interior, top loader transmission, 4 wheel big boost brakes, Holley 600 CFM, Edelbrock manifold, jet hot side pipes, Good Year Eagle raise white tires, four point restraint harness, accessory oil cooler.

John Boath,
Car: ERA # 393
Engine/drivetrain: 428 CJ (425 HP), close ratio top-loader, 3:31 posi rear, pin-drive wheels, Hoosier racing tires. Red with black roll bar and side pipes. Car runs in open track events and autocross. It is for sale (I'd like to build a small block FIA Cobra)

Robert Graham, Mustang, Oklahoma
Car: 67 Cobra, Shell Valley replica
Engine/drivetrain: 302 Ford w/351 heads. Competion Cam w/rollers, TRW pistons, 750 Holley carb on Cobra manifold. Tremec 5-speed transmission with 9 inch Ford rear. Solid Black with Shelby wheels. See the image archive for pictures

Neal Jackson, Lakeside, Arizona, USA
Car: Hi Tech Motorsports 427 S/C Cobra
Engine/drivetrain: 302 Ford with 330 HP, Richmond 6 speed, 3.55 Ford 9" IRS, Pin Drive hubs and Wilwood Discs, powder coated frame and suspension, Trigo knockoffs, bright blue with white stripes, lots of chrome and polished aluminum. Project began in September 94 and is about 50% with estimated completion date in the fall of 1997. "Cobra" - There is no alternative!

Steve Nichols,
Car: BRA 289
Engine/drivetrain: Rover 3.5 V8 with Offenhauser inlet manifold, Holley Carb and re-worked heads. Suspension is MGB with telescopic conversion, panhard rod, anti-tramp bars etc. Interior is tan leather with British Racing Green bodywork. The car was built five years ago and is in excellent condition.

Nick Heppinstall, Sheffield in the United Kingdom
Car: DAX Cobra
Engine/drivetrain: Azure blue DAX Cobra with a four speed top-loader which is powered by a 1964 Ford 289. The car was finished in 1989.

Michael Holin, Florsheim, Germany
Car: 1976 Pilgrim Cobra, LHD
Engine/drivetrain: 3.0 litre Ford Essex V6 with Weber 40 carburetor. 4 Speed

Barry Miller, South Africa
Car: a Shamrock kit from Cape Town
Engine/drivetrain: Engine is 351 Cleveland 4V with Holley 650CFM and 282 degree cam, 11 to 1 compression. Suspension is Jaguar XJ6 front and Jaguar 3.8S rear. Gearbox is ford FMX. Car built in 1987 and used for normal driving about two days a week.

Rob Martin, Milwaukee Wisconsin
Car: 1993 Classic Roadsters
Engine/drivetrain: I built the car in 1993 using a 351 Cleveland Motor with 2 BBL heads and a Holly 750 CFM 4 BBL. The 2 BBL heads were used for better low end response and drivability. A Competition Cam, dual valve springs, Wieand intake, Canton oil delivery and MSD ignition system was used to give approx. 400 horses. Power is delivered to the groud through a Tremec 5 speed transmission and a 3.53 Ford locking differential. Cooling is achieved using Howe Racing equipment. The car is finished in a Saturn Bright Blue.

Car: 1991 em 427sc
Engine/drivetrain: 400 miles since built,best of everthing powered buy a new crate 454 ls7 two 4' mallory unilite ingiton with msd unit1987 corvette supension all pollished alum.doug nash 5 speed trans.stunning in black with beige inteior and plush carpet. can be seen at http://www.backyard-buddy.com under buddys choice

Malcolm, Cleveland, UK
Car: cobra
Engine/drivetrain: Unknown

Robin O. Brigstocke, Los Angeles, California, USA
Car: Everett-Morrison 454 SC.
Engine/drivetrain: 454 c.i. Chevrolet. Mostly Edelbrock parts, dynoed 520 hp. Doug Nash 5-sp transmission. Corvette Suspension and Brakes. Bought as a turnkey from Everett-Morrison. I am planning to AutoX and track-race this car and would appreciate any suggestions from E-M and other Cobra owners. I also welcome any questions about my car and what I have learned from racing it.

Robert Solloway,
Car: 1993 Classic Roadsters
Engine/drivetrain: The car was professionaly built in 1993 and has the following features. 351W with new Dart II heads 2.02 valves Holly 650 Double Pumper built by Louis Boyd Racing Engines, New Tremec 5 Spd, Guardsman Blue with White stipes, only 1100 miles and is FOR SALE Located in Norman, Oklahoma

Car: ERA #376
Engine/drivetrain: 427 side oiler,pin drives,smith gauges,leather interior and lots lots more!! It was voted best in its class at the 1995 naitional Shelby meet (SAAC 20) in Atlanta. And yes it is for sale. See the images

Frank Anile, Melbourne, Australia
Car: Cobra 427 SC replica
Engine/drivetrain: Ford 5.0HO with Paxton Supercharger. Drivetrain is Tremec 5-speed and Jag front and rear suspension. I have pin drive GT-40 wheels. Estimated finish date is mid 1996.

Gren Cunningham,
Car: BRA 427 No27 finished 86/87
Engine/drivetrain: Rover V8 and 5 speed gearbox complete with a Top loader gear stick and knob see the images

J. Rodomista, Huntington,NY
Car: ERA #390 built by factory in New Britain, CT.
Engine/drivetrain: 428 cu. in. 4 bbl. w/turkey pan, 4 speed top loader, Jag. 3.31 rear, pin drives, Nightwatch blue.

Steven M. Kohler,
Car: Contemporary Classics Replica
Engine/drivetrain: NOS 427 Side-Oiler, T-10 Top-Loader, Jag Chassis Components Red with White Strips, FOR Sale, Serious Inquiries ONLY

Car: EM 427 replica
Engine/drivetrain: 86 corvette susp., 412ci Keith Black small block chevy,automatic. Was built to NASCAR specs. by Fla. spint car track owner as pace car. car is for sale and can be seen at http://www.iglou.com/publius

Patrick Meurer, ST.VITH im Suden OST-BELGIENS
Car: DAX 427 / 5,7 L
Engine/drivetrain: Dart big-valve heads 410 CI B&M blower 540 BHP 490 ft.lbs. of torque

Lee White, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Car: ERA 427 S/C Cobra VIN# ERA282
Engine/drivetrain: 427 side oiler, Ford top loader, Jag rear suspension, pin drives, blue with white stripes. The car frequents most Colorado Shelby Club track and show events around Colorado.

Charles T Ault,
Car: 427 SC Cobra Everet Morrison
Engine/drivetrain: 351 Windsor high compresion oil cooler, pacton supercharger preoiler oil cooler aluminized engine compartment and trunk T-5 trainy 3.73 rear end HRE knockoffs 8.8 ford rear end indigo blue white stripes stainless roll.

Mike Cooper, Seattle, WA.
Car: 1988 AutoKraft Mk IV
Engine/drivetrain: Black/Black, 302 Fuel injected Stock from AutoKraft. I have a 1966 289 Hi-Po with Venolia pistons, Gurney Eagle heads, 2 manifolds, 4x2bbl Webers (inglese) and 1x4bbl Holly for sale.

David Murphy, London (UK)
Car: "Classic Replicas" 427 Cobra
Engine/drivetrain: the running gear is off a Jaguar and the engine is as yet undecided. I am heading towards a Rover SD1, but may be swayed to get a big block, but who knows.

Dave Williams, Alton, Hampshire UK
Engine/drivetrain: V8 Rover, 5-speed manual, Jaguar XJ front, Jaguar S-type rear, Compomotives Colour: Rosso Corsa, Black leather interior.

Gary Black, Conroe, TX.
Car: Unique Motorcars 289 FIA replica
Engine/drivetrain: Engine is a 351W with a Competion Cams roller cam with roller lifters, TRW pistons, Manley valves, Dart Windsor heads and a 750 CFM Holley carb on an Edelbrock Performer RPM manifold running through a Ford 4 speed toploader and a Jaguar 3.31 rear. The color is dark (British Racing) green with pale yellow ('67 Corvette Sunfire Yellow) stripes.

Doug Bailey, Santa Clara, CA.
Car: LA Exotics Cobra. BRG with white stripe, tan interior.
Engine/drivetrain: 289 HiPo Ford, T5 transmission and 4.11:1 rear end.

Car: Unique Motorcars 427SC
Engine/drivetrain: It has 351-4V Cleveland with Ford Aluminum Intake, Holley 750cfm, Toploader 4-speed, Jaguar IRS and is Porshce Red with Ford Wimbledon White stripes, If anyone has any questions or wants to talk Cobras, contact me via email

Michael Eisenberg, Northridge, CA, USA
Car: 427 Cobra Replica by Contemporary Classic Motor Cars
Engine/drivetrain: It has a 427 engine, T10 4 speed, and is set up to be used almost exclusively on the race track. My Cobra and I won our class at the 1995 Run & Gun event at Phoenix, AZ put on by Kit Car Illustrated magazine.

Jack Devine, Glen Rock, PA. USA
Car: Contemporary Cobra
Engine/drivetrain: Building a 289HO, Ford toploader 4 speed, Jag XKE 3.31 PL IRS, Jag XKE front Suspension. Looking for a nice 289HO.

Phil Cool,
Car: ERA #414
Engine/drivetrain: It is red with white stripes and meatballs. Power comes from a 1965 C5AE 427 side oiler medium riser with 1 4bbl, Tremmic 5 speed, pin drivee wheels with Goodyear billboard tires. Bumper jacks, rivited hood scoop/hood edge,roll bar and side pipes complete the comp theme.

Gary Wilmore,
Car: Contemporary Cobra 427SC
Engine/drivetrain: 51 Cleveland, jag front and rear, 4 speed toploader. It's Porsche Guard Red, no stripes or badges

Car: Contemporary Classics
Engine/drivetrain: 454 Chevrolet, Muncie 4 speed, Jaguar suspension, Compomotive wheels, JFZ brakes.

David William James,
Car: South African made kit Cobra by Shamrock Autocraft of Cape Town
Engine/drivetrain: Suspension and rear axle are Jaguar. Engine is Chev 350 (5.7L) HO with standard 3 speed automatic transmission fitted with "shift kit".

Louis Plebani, Hellertown, Pennsylvania
Car: Contemporary Cobra 427 SC
Engine/drivetrain: Internally Balanced 428 block with LR heads plugged lifter galleries and Competion Cams 296S Camshaft. Tunnel wedge manifold with 2 4V Holley's. XKE front suspension and 3.31 Jaguar IRS with Watt's linkage. Dupont metallic forest green with brown interior.

Steve Pagano, Voorhees, NJ.
Car: Cobra 427, 1966, CSX3354
Engine/drivetrain: bought in California in 1986, blue, completely original, unrestored, except for repaint, Holman\Moody, side oiler motor, 3 owner car, cover of Autoweek mag., and article for Escape Road.

David Light,
Car: 1966 Shelby Cobra 289
Engine/drivetrain: 289 HIPO with 12:1 heads, 9"Ford rear with custom C6 auto tranny White with black interior.

Fletcher Benton, San Francisco California
Car: Contemporary cobra 427sc with webers!!!! Oakland roadster show winner 1990,91,92,93.
Engine/drivetrain: Club racer with Nor-Cal, Green Flag, Shelby club. Engine 427 medium rise, with Jag XKE 12 rearend, top loader 4 speed. Built by Golden West in hayward in 1986.

Tim Mackey, Portland, Oregon, USA
Car: red 427SC Cobra Replica ERA
Engine/drivetrain: built in 1984 by a FoMoCo executive in the Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) group aty FORD. It won the 1986 Shelby Nationals in Detroit and has been featured in a number of automobile magazines. It is serial number 076 from E.R.A.

Steve Carlow, Tulsa Oklahoma
Car: Shell Valley Motors
Engine/drivetrain: 427 side oiler, toploader 4 speed, 9" rear with 3:50 gears, blue blood red/white stripes with black interior. Car is perfect and is beautifull. Have several show trophies. This car is also FOR SALE. I am asking $39,000 and would consider any offers.

Lloyd Brubaker, Blue Bell, PA
Car: Integrity Coachwerks Cobra
Engine/drivetrain: '63 427 center oiler (restored to factory specs), 4-speed large-spline toploader, corvette suspension all around, wimbleton white stripes on a med. blue exterior, compomotive wheels.

John Spina
Car:Everett Morrison Motorcars
Engine/drivetrain: a Buick Grand National intercooled and turbocharged V6, approximately 450 HP. If anyone has ever attempted to put a Buick driveline in a kit, Mail me!

John C Wolf Ponte Vedra, FL USA
Car:427 SC Everett Morrison
Engine/drivetrain: 305 bored .30 over, 10:1 compression, Granatelli supercharger, 400HP, Porsche Amethyst with black interior, 3.54 rear end, C4 Auto trans.

Brett Jennings, South Africa.
Car: Cobra 427 LC replica
Engine/drivetrain: Chevy 350, 10:1 Compression, Flowed Heads Holley 750CFM, Edelbroc Performer Manifold Chev Munchie 4 Speed Jag, XJ6 Front & Back Suspension & Breaks Jag 3.3:1 Dif., Colour Candy Apple Red, with Gold Race Stripe Cream Leather interior with Black Carpets

Cameron Parsons, Australia.
Car:DAX Cobra.
Engine/drivetrain: Ford Motorworks 302 running 8:1 compression with a B&M 144 Powercharger (supercharger) coupled to a ZF six speed gearbox.

Laury Scott, USA.
Car: 289 Cobra CSX 2438
Engine/drivetrain: 289 Race Motor installed by Hi Performance Motors in 1966. The original owner wasn't satisfied with the performance of the car and brought it back to Shelby and had a race engine installed. Currently the engine has 360 bhp. Color: Red with Black Interior
Major Awards: 1st Place Popular Vote 260/289 Cobra at SAAC 17 (1992), 1st Place Popular Vote 289 Cobra at Northern California, Shelby Club 'Mini Nats' 1992/1993.

Earnest Henderson, Roanoke, Texas.
Car:1995 427 LSC Replica from Lone Star Classics.
Engine/drivetrain: 428 block (.030 over) with 427 LR heads, TRW flattops, .500 lift hydr cam, close ratio top loader, 9" Ford diff with 3.00 gears.

Myles Douglas-Withers, Newbury, Berkshire, UK.
Car:Shelby 427 SC by RAM Automotive.
Engine/drivetrain: Chevrolet 327 ( bored and stroked to 355 ) running quad Weber DCNFs. ZF 5 speed. Jaguar XJS front end, Jaguar V12 rear (3.31).

Jim Nix, Saratoga, Calif.
Car:1984 Autokraft MarkIV, #25.
Engine/drivetrain: 351C, Doug Nash 5 Speed
First one in California, on the cover of Road & Track twice. Looking for source for ball joints, rear wheel bearings and design for rollbar.

Car:289 replica by BRA of England
Engine/drivetrain:Rover (Buick) V8, 5sp manual

Corey Zimmerman
Car:Contemporary Cobra 427 SC
Engine/drivetrain:Late 1964 427 Center oiler, toploader trans, Jaguar IRS and Jaguar XKE front suspension with coil-over shocks all around.

Don Crawley, Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
Car: Looking for a Cobra kit
Engine: Ford 428

Bob Bigelow, Pfafftown, NC 27040
Car: 427SC Cobra replica by Unique Motorcars, Gadsden, Alabama U.S.A.
Engine/drivetrain: Ford 351C bored, balanced, 4V Holley, Competition cams, 4 speed wide ratio toploader, 3.30:1 Jaguar IRS

Luuk de Boer., Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Car: 427 Cobra replica by DAX, England.
Engine/drivetrain: Chevy 327, Th 400 automatic transmission, 3.07:1 Jaguar.
We started building in 1990 and at this moment the Cobra is almost finished.

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