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Classic Glass Cars
PO Box 85 Virginia. SA PH (08) 3809443
Classic Glass have been building 427 replicas for five years. The moulds for the fibreglass body were taken from an original car. The body is bonded to the steel floor and boot pan as one unit, Bootlid, bonnet and doors are double-skinned and the doors feature side Intrusion bars .They also supply a long-wheelbase(94in) version with easier access and increased legroom and both can be supplied at any stage of construction up to a finished car complete with compliance plates. The rolling chassis(around $16K) includes body and chassis ready-fitted with modified Jaguar front and rear suspension, brake and fuel Pipes, fuel tank, modified Steering column, steering rack, sway bar, pedal assembly, brakes, handbrake, lights, doors, locks, bonnet and bootlid. Motors indude Ford 302, 351 and 460.
Classic Revivals
3 Fatten Leaf Court
West Pennant Hills
NSW 2125
PH (02) 8993201
Engineer Ian Deener got into Cobra replicas in 1989 when be acted as an agent for another manufacturer. He then decided be could do a better job himself and, based on his years of motor racing experience, designed an exceptionally strong spaceframe chassis clothed in a composite reinforced fibreglass body. Many of the finishing items like the windscreen and soft top are authentic they're sourced from the current suppliers to AC Cars and are used on the genuine MKIV Cobra. Classic Revival supplies about ten cars a year, mostly in kit form.
Replacar Autos(trading as RC Sports Cars)
Factory Units 18-19, 166 Bridge Road
Keysborough, VIC 3173
Ph: 03 9769 0447,
David Tucker is a relative new comer to the Cobra replica scene, but has formed a new company RC Sports Cars. Replacar's prices are very competitive. Rolling chassis cost from $8,200 to $16,500 the latter including fully reconditioned Jaguar suspension, steering column, pedal assembly, fuel tanks and lines and brake lines, with all panels swinging. A complete kit for home assembly costs from $20K. RC can also supply trailers for your finished pride and joy, either in kit Form at $1,200 or complete at $2,500. Basic body/chassis price. $5,850 fibreglass. $8,850 Kevlar.
Robnell Sports
Factory 5
97-101 Baftield Road
Bayswater North
VIC 3153
PH (03) 9720.5269
Ph 61-3-720 5366
Fx 61-3-720 6233
Their cars are more expensive than most Cobra Kits/Cars but they are of supreme quality and incedibily fast.
Evans Kit Cars(trading as WE Sport Cars)
6 Sims Street
SA 5161
Ph: (08) 381 9650
WE started about three and a half years ago. Componentry is sourced from Jaguar and a variety of Ford and Holden models, and build up to any stage is possible. A rolling chassis is available with brakes, steering rack and suspension fitted and costs $14,500, with rolling shells from $17,000. Kits are supplied with a 140-page build manual. Basic body/chassis price is $ 8,450 Estimated build cost: $25,000 Turnkey around: $65,000 approx Front suspension is Jaguar XJ6 independent, coil-over-shocks, Rear suspension is also Jaguar XJ6.
G-Force Sports Cars WA
Factory Unit 5
31 Peel Road
WA 6163
PH (09) 331 2509
G-Force began producing Cobra replicas eight years ago. The mould was taken from an original 427 and buyers can even specify an aluminium body!. Unusually, the company offers a choice of three body/chassis bases: $8,500 to $10,500
Laurie Bongaias
300 Blackburn Road
VIC 3130
PH (03) 9887 9997
Engineer Laurie Bongailas got into Cobra replicas after bailing up a 400hp monster for himself from an Arntz shell five years ago. He now has his own body moulds and chassis design and has supplied about 25 cars at all stages of completion. Like most kits his chassis accepts Jaguar components and Laurie also supplies windscreens, bumper bars and order accessories. Basic body/chassis price: $6,500 Estimated build cost: $20,000-$25,000 Turn-key price: from $45,000.
GV Automotive
201 Ferrars Street
South Melbourne
VIC 3205
PH (03) 96960646
GV, also known as Python Cars and the GMW Performance and Chrome Shop, claims to have the largest stock of Cobra spares, accessories and other Cobralia from floor mats to die-cast models. The body/chassis kit includes hung doors, bonnet and bootlid with internal steel components glassed in position and body mounted to chassis. The rolling chassis at $ 18,200 includes front --and rear suspension. Basic body/chassis price; $11,000 -Estimated build cost: $30,000 Turn-key price: $55,000 on the road . Front suspension is modified MGB , rear suspension is Jaguar XJS
Hunter Special Vehicles
East Maltiand
PH (049) 341 210
Hunter Cobras are based on a modified DRB Cobra chassis but many build-up components, including screens, bumper overriders, lights, mirrors, motors and Suspension, are sourced from US and UK manufacturers. The basic body/chassis kit comprises a steel spaceframe with welded-in floors and firewalls, to which the body is ready bonded. Doors, bonnet and bootlid are pre-hung Kit builders receive a 38 page manual and a set of templates; all components to finish the car are available off the shelf and assembly should take 6-8 weeks full time or 6-12 months part-time. The company also provides a build-up service to any stage. Basic body/chassis price is $9485 Estimated build cost is around $22,000-$35,000
Hi-Teck Cobras
6 Herbert Street
Stacks Creek
OLD 4127
PH (07) 3808 8290
This company has been set up by Cobra Club member Russ Clifford to distribute Robnell Kits and parts.
Homebush Fibreglass
140 Parramatta Road
NSW 2140
PH (02) 7468719
Based on an American Arrits 427 replica. He now has his own ladder chassis. The kit accepts Torana UC mechanical components largely unmodified, but is also developing a Jaguar-based version, The body/chassis comes complete with hinges and steering column Fitted. Basic body/chassis price: $8,249 Estimated build cost: $24,000.
The Snake Pit
45 Fairfietd Street
NSW 2163
PH (02) 632 7145.
The Snake Pit Sydney is the NSW dealer for the DRB Cobra. As well as supplying the basic body/chassis the company also builds turn-key cars with compliance plates,
DHB Enterprises Pty Ltd(DRBís)
PO Box 537
QLD 4125
PH (07) 5529 1455
One of the best-known Cobra replica builders, almost all the necessary Componentry and accessories to build the complete cars, but like the basic kits these are only available through the agents, not direct. The kits are based on unmodified Torana LU/LX Componentry from suspension to wiring loom, making for easy sourcing of spares, quick assembly(in around 250 hours) and straightforward engineering approval. The chassis, which passes Queensland's rigorous beaming and torsional tests, is approved for engines up to 5-litre capacity, with most builders using Ford's 3O2 Windsor V8. Estimated build cost is $20,000-$30,000
Stahl Engineering
149 Newlands Street
North Cobug
VIC 3058
PH (03) 9484 5308
Victoria s agent for the DRB Cobra .
Stralis Sports Cars
45 Whitehatt Avenue
OLD 4159
PH (07) 2071644
Builds DRB Cobras as an agent, call him for further information.
Townsvillee Cobra Connection
PO Box 1111
Casttetown Hyde Park OLD 4810
PH: (077) 781814
This company is the North Queensland agent for the DRB Cobra.
Cobra Craft
Unit 8
63 Norman st
Sydney, NSW 2210
PH (02) 95842917
The men behind Cobra Craft have engineering backgrounds with several years experience with modified vehicles and custom fabrications. The kits is based on the RMC kits from WA and using components from Australia market production cars, The kits are available in five stages of assembly from the basic body/chassis kit -up to a turn-key, road-registered car, The body/chassis comes with doors and bootlid ready hung and the body in either undercoat or gel-coat. Cobra Craft can supply every part need to build the car. Basic body/chassis price is $12,500

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