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"the AC COBRA ... a way of living"

I am always looking for COBRA stuff, like pictures, stories, clubs, etc.. If you have any of that, please send an email to: Luuk de Boer Thanks.

History of the AC COBRA Page:

    - 1 January 2006:
    I am back again. Will start updating this site again so that all information is up2date again. Hope you enjoy.

    - 12 January 1997:
    Updated fast some info and press release about the AC Car. At this moment really don't have time to update the complete site. I am bussy with setting up my own web server with my own domain and I hope to have everything ready in the beginning of februari. I promisse after the change to my own domain everything will be updated more frequently and more stuff will be added to the site. The complete image archive will be online when my own domain is ready.

    - 04 Oktober 1996:
    It's very sad .... I have to close allmost all my images ... Bob Shaffer gave me the opportunity to expand my image archive. He had some extra room on his http server for me .... but his "powers" saw that half their bandwidth was used for cobra pics :-) and they decided that Bob has to kick me off their http server. It's a pitty, but I have to thank Bob Shaffer for giving me room for a period of time.... and now -> Who has space for me on his http server??? I only need 10 mb of space for cobra pics no more ....please.. When you have just mail me quickly so I can put the complete image archive online again.

    - 23 September 1996:
    Updated the Hi-Tech page (Thanks Paul). Added also some pic's to the image archive. I only have to update my links again and some other stuff.... hope this week I have time enough to do that.

    - 20 September 1996:
    Updated the manufacturers and parts and accessories in the World pages. What I am missing is adresses in Suisse, but maybe you know some adresses, if that's true please e-mail me. I would like to thank all people who mailed me all their adresses. Allmost forgot to mention, also updated the who's who page.

    - 14 August 1996:
    Added fast some adresses I got after my mailing around the world. I hope people can mail me some more info about several adresses. Still nothing received from some countries. But it will come.. it's vacation time.. so who's reading his mail.

    - 10 August 1996:
    Good morning, last night I finished almost the manufacturers page. So when I woke up this morning I thought... let's finish it before you have to go to work. So I did. Now you can see the Cobra manufacturers in the World page. I hope you enjoy it and let me know if there are more adresses....

    - 10 August 1996:
    It is just past midnight and I have added some more pages to the Cobra Site. I would like to thank Paul C. Ehrismann for sending me so much info I needed again a couple of hours to put everything in html and I am still not finished. At this moment the Magazines & Books and Videos of the Cobra page is changed and we have a new range of pages called Cobra parts and accessories in the World. These pages are sorted by country. So I only have the pages and the info for the USA and the Netherlands so I hope to get a lot of info from the rest of the world with a lot adresses. I am still bussy with writing and finishing the range of pages called Cobra manufacturers around the world. Also sorted by country. And again I have only the info for the USA and the Netherlands. Oke Cobra lovers, pick up a magazine of your country and start typing and send me all the adresses you know in your country (cobra adresses offcourse :-)). Almost time to go on vacation so I hope I have some more time this last week to finish that range of pages, otherwise you will see them about three weeks I think. I hope you enjoy all those new things.

    - 09 August 1996:
    Added finally 40 or more pic's to the image archive. I would like to thank Eric Johnson thousand times for sending me all those photos and specially the Signed one by Carroll Shelby. I also corrected some html code so the site have to be faster now. My TODO list is still not empty, so you can expect some added stuff in the future. The Image archive is now growing very fast, the thing I would like to know is if you like the layout or do I have to split the pic's in groups? Let me know what you think.

    - 26 Juli 1996:
    The last weeks I updated almost all my pages and I have still some stuff to go so keep on looking on my site. I will thank Bob Shaffer for giving me some room on his site so that's why there are almost 30 new pic's and I am still not ready with another 40 I believe. But keep sending my pic's. I don't know what I updated the last week so I can't name it. But there are a lot of people added to the who's who list, a lot of new pic's and some new links. Oya take a look at the side of Carroll Shelby he has now his own site. That's all for today. I am still fighting with my time so sometimes it will take a little time to update my site.

    - 20 March 1996:
    I got some new pictures which you can find again in the Image Archive. At this moment I really have a problem. My disk space on my account is full. The new pic's are linked to another account what I have but I don't have that much disk space left. Does anybody have a solution?
    Got also some info about Cobra events. Real soon I will introduce a Cobra Event Calender, so if you know cobra events let me know.

    - 13 March 1996:
    Didn't update all thinks I got last time. I got wonderfull info of Andy Lambert about the AC Cobra and the ACE. Thanks Andy. You really have to take a look at it on the Articles of the Cobra page. Did you notice the change of the title of that page. It is now Articles of the Cobra instead of Technical articles because there isn't much technical about it. I mentioned last time that I have a problem with disk space and that is not at home but on the server. I have to look what I can do but it will cost me money :-(. But I will find a way.

    - 10 March 1996:
    Got a lot of pics and stories of people. My time problem is still the issue that the page isn't updated frequently. Another problem is that my disk space is running out of room so I have to think about that. I still didn't update everything (but I will be soon doing that). What's updated today: The who's who list offcourse, new links, some changes on the cobra club page, New movie titles, some new links to other cobra pages and a lot of new pics. Thanks everybody and keep sending all things you have.

    - 27 January 1996:
    Finally is it so far. I stopped the secretary of the Cobra Club NL. So now I have to have more time to update this site. My father took the secr. over so we are keeping it in the family. Then I got a lot of mail of everybody (thanks) with a lot lot info. Paul C. Ehrismann had so much info about new books and video's that it took me a couple of hours to update that page. So you have to take a look at the new Magazine & Books and Video's page. Then I updated the Who's Who list where you can find again new people owning and loving cobra's. Racihemi sent me a very interesting article. READ THIS The Mobra Story it's never been released. Paul Blore sent me a lot of info about the Hi-Tech cobra what you can find on the technical articles page. And of course I got new images. Look for the new AC pictures they are really beautifull. You can find them in the Image Archive. I almost forgot the new links you can find on the next to pages: Cobra links, other Automotive sites.

    - 02 January 1996:
    First of all I would like to say "A happy new year" to all. And with a new year, you have to start it right. So the last weeks I got 8 pics!! Yes, Yes, Yes, and now you can see them in the Image Archive. Added two people to the Who's Who list. So let send picture's again.

    - 23 December 1995:
    Added a lot of people to the Who's Who list. Updated and added some links. Got also another club adress.

    - 18 September 1995:
    Added people to the Who's Who list. Didn't get some pictures :-( (maybe there aren't anymore?). Updated some links. Miles Douglas-Withers updated his page about the engines of the Cobra. Removed the blinking stuff of the page after some complaints. That's just it.

    - 11 August 1995:
    Added some people to the Who's Who list. Got some beautifull pictures from some real cobra fanatics, which I added to the Image Archive. And updated some links.

    - 15 July 1995:
    It took some time till I added some info to the Cobra site because I was very bussy with setting up a complete different site. But I got a lot of Cobra mail, Cobra pictures, Cobra info. So I added some people to the Who's Who list and there are again more pictures available in the image archive. Got also some extra historical info of Caroll Shelby which I added to the history of the man behind the Cobra, Carroll Shelby. Miles D. was so active that he wrote a technical article about the engines of the Cobra.

    - 03 July 1995:
    After a lot of typing I finally made it, the history of the man behind the Cobra, Carroll Shelby, is online. There are also more Cobra people on the net, then you would think, you can find them on the Who's Who list. Earnest Henderson sent me a picture of his Cobra and a picture of a very beautifull poster, you can find those pictures in the image archive. Updated also some links on the other automotive sites page.

    - 03 June 1995:
    Found more Cobra links and more pictures on the net.

    - 31 May 1995:
    Added more books to the Magazine & Books page.

    - 26 May 1995:
    Added a lot of links to other Automotive sites.

    - 20 May 1995:
    Added Magazines & Books of the Cobra to this site. And found three pictures of the Cobra on the net. You can find them in the Images Archive

    - 13 May 1995:
    Changed to a new beautiful counter. Where you can see the last 20 visitors or all visitors.

    - 05 May 1995:
    Changed the background color and added some more links in other automotive sites. Added also more information on the Cobra Club page. Changed some links to other Cobra pages.

    - 23 April 1995:
    Put some pictures in the archive an added some links.

    - Februari/March/April 1995:
    Start of the AC COBRA Page with my homepage and the Amsterdam Academie page.

New things I want to put on the Net:

  • More and more pictures
  • Publications of the Cobra
  • All the movies where the Cobra was in
  • Stories of net people
  • Dealers, suppliers around the world
  • All the extra things you can buy of cobra's, such as books, models, magazines, etc.

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