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Welcome to the
"the AC COBRA ... a way of living"

I am always looking for COBRA stuff, like pictures, stories, clubs, etc.. If you have any of that, please send an email to: Luuk de Boer luukb@xs4all.nl Thanks.

The AC Cobra page is the first Cobra site on the internet
covering the history of the AC Cobra / Shelby Cobra and the
current cobra replica / kit car world.

-AC Cobra Page information
-The history of Carroll Shelby, the man behind the Cobra.
- Carroll Shelby: A Life in The Fast Lane
-The history of AC Car Group, the company behind the Cobra.
-The AC Story - also where AC stands for
-Magazines & Books and Videos of the Cobra
-Information on Cobra Clubs around the world
-Cobra parts and accessories in the World

-Cobra manufacturers in the World
-Articles of the Cobra
-Cobra Powerplants, choosing an engine for your Cobra by Miles Douglas-Withers
-Hi-Tech Motorsports, More info about
-AC Cars Limited, More info about
-The Mobra Story never released !
-AC Cobra Images Archive
-Cobra Movies
-Who's Who of Cobra owners on the Net
-Links to other Cobra Pages and ftp directories
-Other Automotive sites
-My own home page

My own server with a partial cobra site
(luuk.xs4all.nl) - also where you find where AC name stands for

If there are any problems, suggestions, or even additions please email me.